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Boot Camp Alumni catches her 1st fire!

A great reminder of the purpose of our camps, to experience what it's like to be a firefighter and advocate for our trade. Today, one of our 2019 Gaston camp attendees (who has since become a Paramedic and Intern Firefighter for Cornelius Fire) was working a shift at Gaston today and responded to her first fire! Lindsey did an amazing job of stretching the attack line and following all orders to the T. The call was for a large solar array that had a convertor panel on fire. Once AC and DC power was confirmed to be disconnected and a fire extinguisher wouldn't do the trick, Lindsey finished it off with the attack line. We are so proud of her work and continued success! If you or anyone you know wants to attend a Fire-Up Bootcamp we have 3 camps scheduled for 2020!

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