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Feedback from our Gaston Camp

In a letter we received from Kylie E, who attended our Gaston Fire Up Camp (posted with permission)

"I just wanted to thank you for all you and the other women did for me at Fire Up Boot Camp. Before attending camp, I didn't know if I wanted to become a firefighter, but I knew I loved EMS and wanted to work in a job that was more stable. When I first looked into becoming a firefighter, I took the CPAT and decided it wasn't for me. After camp however, I knew it was possible. I loved everything we did and became to fall for the fire service. 

I am now volunteering in Montana, and am in their academy. Once I graduate, I hope to make a career of it and get a job with the department. Without Fire Up Boot Camp I would not be where I am today. I even find myself helping out others in the academy with the information I learned at camp."

From all of us at the Fire-Up Bootcamp Kylie, we are grateful for your feedback and for the opportunity to work with you over the two day camp! Moreover, we are thrilled to hear how well you are doing and to watch you thrive in your new vocation! Keep up the great work and remember, being a part of a camp was only a few days, you have us forever.

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